Linde Forklifts

Leader in Warehouse and Automated Lift Trucks

Linde Forklifts: #1 Forklift Brand in Europe


Linde provides the most comprehensive supply chain solutions in the market, representing the only material handling equipment company in the world to offer customers everything in the warehouse and factory. Linde forklifts are available with Dematic’s plug-and-play “Sprocket” which can provide you with critical business and operations intelligence to help you increase your business efficiency and maximize your profits. Dematic solutions optimize material and information flow within factories, warehouses, and distribution centers to ensure operational success. 

Linde offers technologically advanced forklifts and heavy equipment for a wide range of applications. Linde forklifts are distinguished by their innovative industrial technology, ensuring customer confidence in the brand. Efficient energy management and reduced operating costs allow us to reach a level of up to 40% savings compared to other brands. Linde provides the most economical way to handle materials.

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