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Toyota Large Electric

7FBCU35, 7FBCU45, 7FBCU55

Toyota’s Large Electric Forklift gets the job done, quietly and reliably. With 12,000 pounds of lifting power, it’s a zero-emissions ride that is perfect for your toughest warehousing challenges, even in the food and beverage industries. It speaks softly and carries a big lift.

  • AC Drive Motor
  • Battery Compartment Hood Assist Dampers
  • Bolt-on Overhead Guard
  • Built-In Analyzer
  • Cowl-Mounted Hydraulic Controls
  • Digital Multifunction Display
  • Double-Action Parking Brake
  • Easy Access Controllers
  • Easy Access No-Tools Floorboard
  • Electrical Lift
  • Electric Horn
  • Key Lowering Interlock
  • Operator Presence Sensing System (OPSS)
  • System of Active Stability™ (SAS)
  • UL Approved Model Type "E"
Tires Front/rear cushion
Load Capacity (lbs) 8,000 - 12,000
Lift Height (in.) 239
Ergonomics Dual operator assist grips; spacious operator compartment; hydraulic controls
Environments Beverage, Factory, Food Processing, Food Storage, General Manufacturing, General Warehousing, Retail
Max Travel Speed No Load (mph) 8.1 - 11.2
Basic Right-Angle Stacking (in.) 102.6 - 116.9
Approximate Minimum Aisle Width (in.) 150
Length to Forkface 98.8 - 113
Overall Width 47.6 - 53.1 in
Overhead Guard Height 90 - 93.3 in
Maximum Lowering Speed No Load (fpm) 98
Maximum Lift Speed No Load (fpm) 90.6 - 118.1
Maximum Gradeability Full Load (%) 13 - 16
Year: 2018
Make: Toyota
Model: 7FBCU35-55
Class: 1
Category: Forklift
Sub-Category: Electric Motor Counterbalance

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