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Toyota Stand-Up Rider

8BNCU15-16.5, 8BNCU15/18.5, 8BNCU18/16.5, 8BNCU18/18.5, 8BNCU20-21.5, 8BNCU20/18.5

The unique dock-to-stock capability of the Toyota Stand Up Rider Forklift makes it top of its class and one of the most versatile forklifts in Toyota’s product line. With the ability to navigate narrow aisles, the Toyota Stand Up Rider Forklift is an asset to any material handling job.This unit is designed for use in cold storage applications and can be used in a freezer at temperatures to -4° F (-20° C) continuously.

  • 2-Post Overhead Guard
  • 36-Volt Electrical System
  • AC Induction Drive and Lift Motors
  • AC Transistor Control System with MOSFET
  • Battery Compartment Rollers
  • Built-In Analyzer
  • Cornering Speed Control
  • Cushioned Padded Backrest & Armrest
  • Flexible Side Stance Operator Compartment
  • High Visibility Mast & Overhead Guard
  • Hydraulic Mast Cushioning
  • Hydrostatic Power Steering
  • Independent Lift, Steer & Auxiliary Motors
  • Integrated Clipboard, Amenity Tray & Cup Holder
  • Low-Effort Brake Pedal
  • Low Step Height
  • On-Demand, Hydrostatic Power Steering
  • One-Piece Top Cover
  • Programmable Maintenance Timer
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Shock-Dampened, Isolated Operator Compartment Floor
Tires Front solid rubber/rear rubber or polyurethane
Load Capacity (lbs) 3,000 - 4,000
Lift Height (in.) 276.5
Ergonomics Low 8" step height; reduced vibration and operator fatigue; spacious operator compartment
Environments Cold Storage, Factory, Beverage, Food Processing, Food Storage, General Manufacturing, Warehousing, Retail
Max Travel Speed No Load (mph) 7.5
Basic Right-Angle Stacking (in.) 68.8 - 73.5
Approximate Minimum Aisle Width (in.) 120
Length to Forkface 68.5 - 73.3
Overall Width 42.5
Overhead Guard Height 88 in
Maximum Lowering Speed No Load (fpm) 100
Maximum Lift Speed No Load (fpm) 110
Maximum Gradeability Full Load (%) 15
Year: 2018
Make: Toyota
Model: 8BNCU15-16.5
Class: 1
Category: Forklift
Sub-Category: Electric Motor Counterbalance

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