Pre-Owned Equipment

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Cost Effective & Reliable Pre-Owned

PennWest has an extensive line of off-lease and pre-owned forklift trucks available from our inventory, but it does not stop there. PennWest is connected with over 100 dealers and financial institutions throughout the USA, Canada and worldwide. We have the expertise to locate equipment for your specific needs and welcome your inquires. PennWest also has the capability to inspect, repair and remarket equipment from manufacturing plants, or warehouses.

Toyota Certified Pre-Owned

Purchasing a pre-owned Toyota forklift allows you to own a state-of-the-art forklift without the price tag of purchasing brand new!

Extra Care Covered Components:

Internal Combustion Trucks
  • Engine (excluding all accessories)
  • Powershift and standard transmission (excluding dry friction clutch and components)
  • Differential
  • Drive axle (excluding brake assembly)
Battery Powered Industrial Trucks (except 2TD, 8HB and 8TB Models)
  • Drive motors (excluding brushes)
  • Electronic (SCR/Transistor) control panel components
  • Contactor panels (excluding contact tips and switches)
  • Differential
  • Drive axle (excluding brake assembly)
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