Loading Dock

Enhancing the safety and productivity of your highest trafficked areas

PennWest can help you improve your warehouse today!

Loading Docks: Enhance safety and remove bottlenecks

PennWest works with top equipment suppliers to provide your ideal loading dock set up. The dock is the heart of the distribution center, touching most every inbound or outbound item. When it comes to your loading dock, we’re here to ensure you get easy-to-maintain equipment that enhances efficiency and increases personnel safety.

Loading Dock Solutions Include:

Conserve energy, improve productivity and reduce costs with weather tight seals that keep the heat in and the inclement weather out.


Choose from a variety of dock levelers including: hydraulic, mechanical and vertical storing.


Improve your dock operation, enhance safety and increase productivity with the right dockboards and dock plates.


Prevent any potential issues between your dock leveler and your truck with a dependable truck restraint system.

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