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From the production line to the dock, PennWest can cover all of your material handling and warehouse needs. Not sure where to start? Click on the warehouse hot spots to learn how to improve various areas of your warehouse!

“I have been dealing with PennWest Erie, PA branch for several years and have been extremely happy with the parts and service department. Very easy to work with. I have also had great help with technical service from headquarters. I have been well satisfied on all sides.”

“Our Toyota Forklifts are essential to our work-we unload truckloads of fertilizer on a weekly basis and without a reliable forklift work could easily come to a halt. Our Toyota Forklifts are reliable, safe, and service with PennWest Toyota Lift is top-notch! We use our forklifts on a daily basis to move pallets of material throughout our workshops, and we have never had an issue with either forklift. Even if we did, I know we can call PennWest for immediate service to get it operational as soon as possible.”

“I have been running Toyota lift trucks for 20 years at our plant. They are a good, reliable and dependable truck. The sales people at PennWest are always available to help in any way possible and are very professional. The maintenance we receive from their service department is above and beyond anything you could ask for; if I do have a problem they are here that day or the next at the latest.”

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