Batteries & Chargers

The forklift battery is the power behind the performance

PennWest can help you find the right battery today!

Lift trucks and other material handling equipment need CROWN1™, a forklift battery that’s built for heavy-duty work.  Performance, endurance, power…ready to perform right off the production line. PennWest provides complete sales, service, parts and labor for Crown Batteries. That’s confidence delivered.

In addition to being a Crown battery distributor, PennWest is also your source for battery maintenance. Whether with Planned Maintenance programs or the equipment to keep your battery going, we have you covered. Make PennWest your first stop for complete battery and charger service, including:

  • Crown battery full line.
  • A thorough selection of new, rental, and used batteries and chargers to meet your needs.
  • Preventative Maintenance services for both batteries and chargers.
  • Battery watering systems.
  • Battery regeneration services and custom battery rebuilding.

H2GO Industrial Battery

Increases the time required between watering intervals. Less maintenance. More uptime. Reduced maintenance costs. Standard industrial batteries require normal watering maintenance every 1-3 weeks or about 16 to 50 times per year. With H2GO by Crown Battery the intervals between watering are 9-12 weeks depending on application and usage. That means watering your batteries only 4 to 8 times per year which reduces the amount of time you spend watering batteries.

Industrial Battery Charging Systems

The charger you use can impact the life of your forklift batteries more than you may realize. When you have the right charger, you can extend the life of your batteries, save on energy costs, and feel secure that you’re taking care of your power needs! Whether you need a high-efficiency charger, one that supports opportunity charging, or one that will keep running effectively with little maintenance, there is a PowerHouse Charger for you.

Class III Equipment Batteries

The most commonly used equipment in the warehouse is your class III forklifts including pallet jacks, order pickers and reach trucks. Crown has built a battery specifically for these types of lift trucks. Deep Cycle, CROWN1™ deep cycle batteries provide an ideal power source for Class III equipment. By providing clean, safe and reliable power, you can ensure your equipment is ready to work whenever you are.


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