Cold-Storage & Freezer Forklifts

Forklifts built to withstand condensation and other cold-storage and freezer challenges

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Cold-Storage & Freezer Forklifts

Inventory is always in a constant state of flux in freezer and cold storage applications. First-in, first-out inventory management helps you rotate stock and reduce waste. PennWest has the equipment to help you do it as efficiently and productively as possible. Whether you need an electric walkie to transport products from dock-to-stock or a walkie stacker for access to second and third level storage, PennWest has the products you need to get the job done.

Let’s talk! PennWest experts are standing by to help you find the right solution for your food, beverage and cold storage application.

Class 3: Electric Pallet Jacks, Stackers and Tow Tractors

Food or beverage handling. Cold Storage. Manufacturing facilities. General warehousing. Retail order picking. Wherever there’s a task that needs a more specialized solution than a typical forklift, PennWest has the right electric walkie, rider truck, or tow tractor for the job – whether you need to move material a few feet or across your entire facility.

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